YouTube vs Hifdh Kids. The dark side of YouTube, that Muslim Parents need to know.

Updated: Jul 22, 2020

The billion-dollar question is: is YouTube safe for kids? No, it’s not! YouTube is no place for kids - of any age - to roam around alone. A child has the ability to jump from a harmless video, for example about cars, to a video with adult content; all within a matter of seconds. Since YouTube has user-uploaded content, not everything is categorized with appropriate restrictions. Also, filters can’t be counted on to safeguard kids. The videos keep autoloading and, eventually, your child may get exposed to something completely unrelated and inappropriate to the original search.

When kids are exposed to the wide range of content on YouTube, it’s concerning because the content might not be age-appropriate, which can lead them to seeing something they’re not mature enough to handle. YouTube hosts a number of inappropriate videos which, when seen, can affect a child’s judgement, as well as lead to increased stress, anxiety or even feelings of depression.

Strangers with various motives are uploading videos for various reasons - and that’s not OK! There is so much content that is dangerous under the surface of some of the videos meant for kids. Pedophiles are making videos for kids with hidden messages and younger kids are being exposed to cartoons with sexual language and behavior, explicit cartoons about pornography, child suicide, and family violence. Clearly, these videos are probably not something you’d want your kids to be watching.

In addition to video making, pedophiles in alarming numbers are using YouTube comment sections of kids’ videos and littering with links to their social media accounts, and adding explicit images and videos to further target your kids.

In addition to inappropriate videos for kids, some YouTube videos promote unsafe behavior, such as YouTube challenges. The risk of your kid doing a dangerous dare is no longer limited to peer pressure at school. Any child with access to social media can be exposed to these dangerous challenges that are trending on YouTube these days. The Momo challenge, for example, encourage kids to take their lives, or harm a family member. The 48-hour challenge encourages teens to go missing for 48-hours, and to sever all contact with family and friends. And, the Bird Box challenges kids to walk around blindfolded. These dares and challenges are downright dangerous!

In addition to inappropriate videos, dangerous pranks, violent or suicidal videos, and pedophiles, YouTube has another way to target your kids, especially teens, through ads. These ads are dangerous, and they keep popping up even more and more. Research has shown a heavy presence of alcohol brands and e-cigarette ads. The frightening part is teens are easily being exposed to these ads, even if they aren’t watching videos about drinking or smoking.

Since YouTube’s popularity among children has surged, mental health experts warn that YouTube is a growing source of anxiety and inappropriate sexual behaviour among kids under the age of 13. This calls for a proactive involvement of both the parents and the educators.

Asalamu-Alaykum parent or educator. My name is Maryam Binbrake. My son and I are the founders of Hifdh means to protect or to guard. Hifdh Kids was created with my kids, your kids and the Muslim kids in mind. We have created a free, safe and secure site for Muslim kids to watch their favorite Muslim shows like Zaky, Noor kids, Omar and Hana, Maryam and Fatima, and so much more. We have collected most of the popular YouTube Muslim kids shows and combined them all in one, safe site without ads, pop-ups, comments or links redirecting to YouTube. At Hifdh Kids:

  1. We have no sign-in accounts, which means you or your child’s information is protected.

  2. We stop pedophiles at their tracks. with no comment section, they are unable to share their social media sites, websites or even provoke your child.

  3. We make ZERO $$$ in ads. We closed that door, because with ads comes links, and our priority is protecting kids. We use our hard-earned money to run and maintain this site.

  4. We have channel-specific content. If your child wants to watch Omar and Hana, that’s all they watch; no other videos pop-up or are recommended.

  5. We have YouTube embedded videos but our site does NOT direct your kids back to YouTube. What Makes Hifdh Kids special is that we have deactivated links in YouTube videos so your child doesn’t click on ANYTHING that makes them leave our site to any other site, including YouTube.

We have created a safe alternative for Muslim kids to access their favourite shows. We are tired of social media sites or video browsing sites like YouTube that are constantly contributing to lowering the moral behaviour or religious morality of our kids. We, as parents, have a certain responsibility toward our children. We have to protect their innocence and what they get exposed to and come across.

We took the extra step and made a site that’s sure to protect our kids and what they watch. If you are a Muslim parent and you are looking for FREE, SAFE, SECURE alternative to YouTube, we strongly suggest you to check out our site: If you are an educator or a part of Muslim institute, we kindly ask you to share this message with your members.

Thank You.


Maryam Binbrake


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