Muslim Youth Leaders

Updated: Mar 27, 2020

This Blog is dedicated to Muslim Youth around the world.

Assalamualykum Everyone,

my name is Salim Binbrake, I am the founder of Thank you for visiting my site. I know how important it is for parents to protect their kids from non islamic media. Hifdh kids offers parents an islamic site with popular Muslim Kids media with out ads, comments or pop up. You can entertain yourself or your child without worrying about inappropriate content. I am so glad with the help of my mom and the Guidance of Allah, we have this amazing site.

I had added a blog to site dedicated to the Muslim Youth around the world. I want to share the stories of other Muslim Youth around the world who are making an impact in their community. Please write to me at with your picture/video and a story of what your doing in your local community and I will share your stories here in my Blog. Looking forward to hearing from you all.

Your Brother,

Salim Binbrake

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