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Are you a Muslim parent, tired of YouTube or other video sites that are constantly exposing kids to inappropriate or violence videos that is causing kids to have psychological or psychotic episodes?  

Are you a Muslim parent tired of kids media not being filtered, un-Islamic or kids being forced to watch ads or videos you have no control over?

Assalamualykum Everyone, My name is Salim Binbrake. My mother and I are the founders of Hidfdhkids.com our site offers what you need and what your kids want. We have created a safe site with popular Muslim kids shows without ads, comments,pop ups, or

inappropriate/un-Islamic videos. Your child's next video is within the channel in the site. No more surprise videos or your kids drifting off to other video contents. We are passionate about our cause in protecting our kids as what they watch is just as important as anything else they do in life. Next time your kids want to watch popular Muslim kids videos, let them watch it in hifdhkids.com and have peace of mind knowing what your kids is watching is safe.

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